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Fit N Fifty Plus Podcasts

Fit N Fifty Plus a Year in Review. Janine Hall interviews Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast Host Jennifer Gale.

We cover the highlights of the year and talk about why the Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast was developed. Where did the idea for sharing information about being a fit and healthy woman come from?

We cover off the top three tips for being a fit and healthy woman over 50 that guests have given in the last year. We also discuss finding time and the guilt that sometimes goes along with putting yourself first.

Along the way we talk about my journey, trials and tribulations as well as doing my first triathlon at 50, and where to from here.

An episode packed with tips and tricks.

Osteoporosis; Susan Randall, the National Director for Science and Education at the National Osteoporosis Foundation in America, talks with me about bones, skeletons, calcium, exercise and diet.

How do our bones develop and what do we need to do when we are young to help them build up a bank we can draw from when we get older?

Why do our bones get weaker as we get older? What role does diet and exercise play in keeping us healthy as women. How much calcium and Vitamin D do I need every day and how do I get it?

If I have osteoporosis what do I need to do and what are the treatments available to me?

A very meaty conversation with good easy to understand information about being a fit and healthy, and unbreakable, Fit N Fifty Plus woman.

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