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Jan Stevenson

Undies under your Knicks or not? Find out the answer when I chat with Jan Stevenson about women's cycling gear.

We cover off everything from correctly fitting helmets through to little gadgets to help you be seen and why you shouldn't shake hands in your gloves. Even if you don't ride it is a fun conversation about women being fit and having fun. 

You can find Jan, and links to her gear and great adventures at:

Cycle Away


Valerie Orton

Resilience in times of change. What is it, why do you need it and how do you get it? Listen in as I talk with Valerie Orton an expert in resilience and helping people harness it to manage life’s ever changing landscape.

Our conversation takes us from a ski lodge in Austria, to the wonders of your mirror and loving yourself. Valerie talks about the 6 “R’s” of resilience, which she features in her about to be released book. Valerie also shares what she thinks are the three most important things for women over 50 in developing resilience for themselves.

A very in depth conversation about what it takes to be a more complete human being so you can enjoy what life has to offer you.

You can contact Valerie at www.headhandandheart.com.au

Click through to my Podcast Page "Fit N Fifty Plus Podcasts" to see more or Go Straight  to either:

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