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Inspiring woman

Annette Poke talks about her journey to health and fitness from being 100kg plus and feeling like life was not worth living, to the dynamo she is today inspiring women in her community.

Annette leads the Gold Coast Women over 50 Living Well Meet Up. Annette talks about Meet Up and the benefits of getting together with other women for support, friendship and health.

Among other things Annette does Karate Fit classes with her local black belt crew. Annette’s biggest tip “Get out of the House and move” 

You can find Annette on her Facebook Page


Menopause Confidential..

Get the latest up to date science backed information on all things menopause and perimenopause with Dr Tara Allmen.

Tara, a Board Certified medical practitioner is an expert in Women’s Midlife Health. Tara is also the author of Menopause Confidential probably one of the most concise and well written books on Menopause, Perimenopause, and all that goes with it I have ever read.

Listen in while she talks about the latest evidence based treatments and explanations of what is really going on with your body from top to toe.

A must listen episode for any woman from 45 and up.

You can find Dr Allmen and her book at

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