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Fit N Fifty Plus Podcasts

Dr Karla McKinlay is simply an inspiration. Karla is an Ironwoman Triathlete, and the first Australian woman over 70 to compete in an Ironman race.

Karla has an amazing life story full of adventure and inspiration. Karla will be competing in the holy grail of triathlons in Kona, Hawaii later this year after qualifying in the Port Macquarie event. This is an achievement considering she only started at the age of 62.

For those of you who don’t know, an Ironman race is 3.8k swim in open water, a 180k bike ride and then a full marathon.

If you ever thought you couldn’t do something then listen in to what is an inspirational conversation.Karla and her story will most certainly motivate you.

One of Karlas' tips; "Never say that something is beyond you."

You can follow Karla in her Ironman race by watching Ironman Live on the internet.


Cherri Davis

Cherri Davis is a master tea blender. Cherri specialises in organic tea, and tea blends, that are good for your mind, body and soul.

Tea has been, and remains, a large part of many of our lives. The history of it, the ritual of it and the many tastes of tea, can evoke strong memories for many of us. 

Cherri talks about her journey to being a tea expert and takes us through some of her favourite blends. We also talk about how to make the perfect cup of tea any time at all.

Put the Kettle on and listen in as we talk all things tea with Cherri.

You can find Cherri on her web page 


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