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Tish Monahan

She Science is an amazing little company founded by Tish Monahan that is devoted to ensuring women are supported. Eh.... not in the usual way, but in the most important way with their sports bras and gear making sure they can achieve great things.

Tish is really passionate about providing the best solutions for every woman, a passion born out of her own experience and one which she works hard at achieving. Tish talks with me about buying and choosing the right bra for you and being comfortable no matter what. We go into detail about whether or not you should have underwire and why a tank top is really not enough.

Tish understands that not all women are the same size and might have different needs for their tops and bottoms. She Science stocks up to a size J and 22 which is quite something. She has a team of people dedicated to working with women of all shapes and sizes.

Join Tish and I as we talk about the trials and tribulations of being active whilst being comfortable.

You can find She Science through:

She Science


Lisa Allwell

Yoga with Lisa Allwell. Lisa is a yoga practitioner, teacher and leader of retreats to India. Lisa took up teaching yoga full time as an older woman after a career in Public Health and she hasn’t looked back. After managing to do her first headstand at 44 Lisa realised that there was so much more she could do with her life if she only tried.

Lisa talks about her practice, and about the many health benefits of Yoga, from calming your mind through to being a part of a community of likeminded people. We talk through how to find the right yoga, and the right yoga teacher for you, as well as a discussion on online yoga and its uses.

Lisa also discusses Menopause and the use of mindfulness to help you travel that journey naturally. Lisa’s number 1 tip “Treat Yourself Lightly”.

This conversation will inspire you to have a go at Yoga, that is if you don’t practice already.

You can contact Lisa through: 

Lisa Allwell Yoga

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