Refab Your Body Refab Your Life

Fit N Fifty Plus Coaching and Support

"Jennifer really made me believe I could do anything. I never would have done the things I have done since working with Jennifer as I didn't really know where to start. Now I go treking with my husband and ride my bike through the bush. I just feel more alive than ever." Alison aged 52

"I feel more in control of my life now. I know what to eat and how to take care of my self much better. I really enjoyed the program." Annie 56

If you are feeling stodgy and stuck and don't know where to start to get fit and healthy again then Fit N Fifty Plus coaching could be just what you need  to help take back control of your health.

Being and feeling fit, well and healthy is the best feeling in the world. But if you are like most of us over 50 you might have let your health and fitness slip. It is so easy to do with life just getting in the way sometimes, we can all fall off the wagon so easily.

It could also be that you don't really know what being fit and healthy actually is for you, or how to get started on your way  back.

Many of the women I work with start out not really knowing what they should be doing and how to go about it. In fact most of my clients learn more about their bodies and themselves than they ever have before. 

You can start with a free one on one coaching discussion where we  talk through what being fit and healthy looks like for you. We also talk through some of the  things that could be holding you back or worrying you and the things you want to achieve. We can then discuss what kind of a program, if any, you would like.

You can also decide just to have a chat and get some answers!

All consultations are done online using Skype so it doesn't matter where you are in the  world help is at hand.

To book a free session just click on the links below. It will take you to a shopping cart where you can purchase this for no cost, of course. I will then contact you to make a time.

If you think you are ready to take the leap then my 6 week Refab your Body Refab Your Life Package could be perfect. this is a perfect package to leave you feeling fit, healthy and amazing and includes a few little extras just to pamper you as well.

"I just feel so much better than I have for a long time." Suzanne