Breakfast is for Champions & that Means You

 Do you suffer from mid morning and mid afternoon slumps in energy?

Are you reaching for another coffee, muffin or a biscuit just to get you to the next meal? If you answered yes to any of these it could be as a result of what you are, or more likely are not, having for breakfast.

In my years of working with women the most common problem I have found in terms of lack of energy and particularly the energy to even go for a walk is simply no fuel for that amazing engine to get going.

Your feelings of fatigue and low energy are caused by there actually being no fuel for either your brain or your body to easily access to both think and move.

Simply put not eating breakfast is possibly the worst thing you can do in terms of being fit and healthy as a woman.

I can hear many of you now saying you don’t have time, you’re too busy or even I really can’t eat until 10 am. Having faced many of these barriers with the women I have worked with there has not been one who we have not been able to devise a strategy to make sure they started their day off with a decent load of fuel. All of them without exception have said they felt better after they started breakfasting regularly.

Simply put breakfast:

  • Breaks your fast, hopefully from that long and uninterrupted sleep you just had.
  • Refuels your glycogen stores and stabilises your blood sugar, vital for brain function memory and concentration.
  • Improves your metabolism and decreases the chances you will be lusting after that muffin or biscuit later in the day.
  • It has been proven again and again that people who eat breakfast eat less calories overall and weigh less than those people who don’t. This could be just that they are healthier overall but nevertheless.
  • Even though you should have a proper breakfast with protein, complex carbohydrates and some fat that doesn’t mean you have a full sit down silver service to get that in. There are many simple options that can provide this easily and efficiently with a little bit of forward planning.
Breakfast for active women over 50  by Jennifer Gale Fit N Fifty Plus Healthy Active women over 50

Firstly make time for your breakfast particularly if you have exercised, which is a whole other post, by getting up a bit earlier. Even 5 – 10 minutes is enough to cook some toast or porridge or boil or poach an egg. In these days of microwaves you can even do this in the microwave if you need to.

Better still maybe try making it the night before so all you have to do is reach it out of the fridge, as in muesli or a hard-boiled egg, and eat it cold or warm it up if you need to.

Make sure you have some protein and fat not just carbohydrate so that your body will feel full much longer. This means put some avocado and cheese on your toast, milk & berries on your cereal or porridge or if you have a smoothie make sure you have these in the mix.

Breakfast is a great opportunity to add a serve or two of vegetables and fruit as well. A vegetable frittata, you can pre make, could have 2 serves of vegetables in it. Throw some thawed or fresh berries on your yoghurt or cereal.

Lastly maybe use it as your quiet time as you reflect on what needs to be done in the day and catch your breath in readiness.

If you are struggling to be fit and healthy then simply eating breakfast as a first habit will reap far reaching benefits.

My favourites

  • 2 slices of toast, I use spelt or gluten free, ¼ avocado and either 50g smoked salmon or a boiled egg.
  • Porridge made with water, milk and a good serve of thawed frozen berries
  • Yoghurt, I use lactose free but you can use whatever you love, half a punnet of strawberries and some blueberries.
  • An overnight option from Teresa Cutter 
  • Although I can’t eat mushrooms at the moment I do love toast, topped with mushrooms cooked in a little olive oil and some thyme and sprinkled with some feta cheese.

 Really just let your imagination go wild.

Want to know what you should be eating?????

Listen in to Accredited Practising Dietitian Sally Marchini as she goes through what really makes up a healthy diet for you.

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