Get Out And Live


Setting goals can really help give your life purpose. Taking a moment out of your day or month or year to decided what it is you want to achieve, or not as the case maybe can be incredibly motivating.

This doesn’t mean you have to set yourself up on a retreat for a week and meditate and concentrate to make sure you cover everything off. All though that would be very, very nice. It just means taking a moment to think about what it is you are doing, where it is you want to go, or what it is you want to achieve.

One of the simplest ways I have found to achieve what it is I want is to aim for something bigger but set smaller goas for each week or even each day. This is particularly valuable when your big goal is to “Get Healthy”.

Although getting healthy is a great goal to aim for it is a little bit obtuse, and vague, that’s where weekly or even daily goals can really help keep you focussed.

Weekly and daily goals are also good for keeping your sense of overwhelm down when you are busy. If you just have one thing to concentrate on achieving in a day you are far more likely to get it done.

So how might you set some smaller achievable goals on your way to “Getting Healthy”?

As we know Getting Healthy generally has three components

  1. Moving
  2. Eating
  3. Managing Your Self


Maybe have a monthly goal to reach a certain amount of hours you exercise, a certain number of steps or kilometres you want to achieve, or even the number of times you go to the gym or do an exercise DVD.

You could then plan for your week ahead looking at what you need to do each day and schedule it in.

Goal setting tips for healthy active women over 50 from fit N fifty Plus Jennifer Gale



What you eat is a major part of Getting Healthy and it can also be the hardest part of the challenge. It is good to sit and reflect what parts of your eating need improvement. You can find out more on what you should be eating every day by listening in to Sally Marchini Accredited and Practising Dietitian. 

You can also find more information on my nutrition page

Some monthly goals could include drink more water. Simply drinking more water is linked to improving your skin, digestion and weight management.

You could then set yourself some daily goals such as finishing that jug of water on your desk every day. Having water instead of soft drink or even wine (dare I say that) with your meals or simply having 8 glasses of water and making sure you count them.

Managing yourself

Always a tough one but big things can come from small changes. Managing yourself could mean feeling less stressed, actually doing things you want to do, or even making time for that hair cut or meeting with your friends.

I have often found that if I manage myself then the eating and moving parts are a lot easier. It is almost like it gives me a chance to decided and then do them.

So your monthly goal could be catch up with two of your friends and you could then schedule them in your diary.

If your goal is to be less stressed than maybe scheduling some time out each day. Even 5-10 minutes of silent breathing can help with this. You could find some more tips in my conversation with Sarah McCrum in Power Up Your Energy.

One thing you could also do is do some yoga. This will give you some extra movement and stretching as well as some down time for a bit of meditation. Again schedule it into your week and your day.

The important things about goals are to think about and set them. Break them down into manageable and achievable chunks. Oh and of course review how you went in achieving them.

Nothing is more powerful for your motivation than achieving even very small things. Not only do the actions make you feel better they have a psychological benefit as well.