1 Easy Way to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Look Amazing.

Sleep is probably the most underrated tool in the tool kit of being fit and healthy. Although we know lots about sleep we are still learning the exact mechanisms of what really makes a good sleep.

So what does happen when we sleep and why is it important to makes sure we have enough as a fit and healthy woman.

Firstly, sleep is generally believed to occur in around 90 minute cycles. Starting with 3 stages of NREM, Non Rapid Eye Movement, sleep which starts off just as a doze and gets gradually deeper with the deepest being the 3rd stage. 

The fourth stage is one of REM or Rapid Eye Movement where your brain is incredibly active but your muscles are virtually paralysed.

Your brain and body undergo quite a lot of change when you sleep some of which is vital for regenerating your muscles and bones at a cellular level. It is also thought that your brain uses this time to clear waste products accumulated throughout the day. 

One of the biggest things that happens is the release of hormones, particularly growth hormones. 

These hormones help...

  1. Repair and rebuild your cells into stronger ones when you have pushed your body physically.
  2. Plump up your cells and rebuild your collagen fibres, which is why you are advised to use your retinols and retinoid “Anti Wrinkle” creams at night. &
  3. Modulate your mood and appetite control. There is a correlation between obesity, depression and poor sleep patterns.

You can watch Jessa Gamble talk about natural sleep cycles

Listen in as I speak with Bev Roberts Sleep Expert for some great sleep tips

Taking care of your health for women over 50

There is quite a lot you can do to help you sleep better here are just a few of recommendations.

  • Firstly make sure you have regular going to bed and getting up times & try and follow them even on the weekends. Your body and your brain likes nothing better than a regular routine.
  • Only use your bedroom for sleep, oh and a little bit of what you fancy!
  • Reduce screen time about 60 minutes before you are going to sleep. The light emitted from televisions and electronic devices interfere with your sleep patterns. You can also set your devices to have a time where the screen changes colour which reduces this effect, but this is not a substitute for not using them.
  • Make sure where you are sleeping is well ventilated and doesn’t get too hot or too cold.
  • Try to reduce stimulation of your brain by meditating or listening to gentle music.

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