Everything You Need to Know for the Healthiest Sexiest Lips in Town

If your eyes are the window to your soul then your lips are definitely the dictionary of your body.

Lips are the gateway to many things we love in life, especially eating. Well maybe that is just me but eating is a big part of life!

They also help keep unwanted things out of your body, and play a role in protecting your teeth and tongue, and I don’t think we pay them enough attention.

You can tell a whole lot about someone's health from their lips. Dry and chapped might mean they have been exposed to a lot of wind and sun, but it could also mean they are not eating properly. Particularly the case when we don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, and get enough vitamin C in our diets.

If your lips are very pale it could mean that you aren’t getting enough iron. Iron makes our blood nice and red as it carries oxygen around the body.

If they are blue it usually means you are not getting enough oxygen to your body for some reason. It could be that you are very cold. When you are very cold the body shuts down the bits that are not vitally necessary and redirects blood to your vital organs to maintain your life. Or it could be an indication there is an issue with your heart or lungs. You need to get that checked out.

As women the dreaded oestrogen reduction is responsible for most of the issues with our lips, and everything else, as we age. It is the loss of elasticity and moisture than can leave your lips looking less than you want them too, but also leave them open to damage.

Lips are just like the rest of your body and need a bit of extra care and attention as you get older.

The 3 Key things you need to do

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Moisturise and
  3. Protect

Want to know more?

Just click on the picture to listen to Janine Hall from Soul Spa Alchemy take us through the do’s and don’ts of caring for your lips.

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