7 Top Tips for Relieving Muscle Soreness

As we get that little bit older we start to notice a number of things that weren’t there before, or that we didn’t feel before. One of them is a feeling of soreness, stiffness and a general inability to do the things you used to do as easily as before.

Why does this happen? Well believe it or not it is not all in your mind. Both Oestrogen and Collagen production within your body slow down. These are necessary to keep the structure and scaffolding of your body together, and respond to your need and desire to move and do other things. In addition, we don’t produce as much growth hormone, so repairing your body each night is that little bit slower than it used to be.

 Don’t despair this is not a story with an unhappy ending because there is so much you can do to help this.

Firstly, the one thing you can’t do as you get older is continue to not look after yourself. Looking after your physical self is the only way to alleviate these feelings and eliminate most of them.

I liken taking care of your body to looking after a very precious and expensive car. Mostly because they both depend on the quality of the fuel you put in them, the servicing of them and the amount of running or working them that is necessary to keep them going.

So if you want a smoother, less creaky body follow these top tips.

Taking care of your health for women over 50
  • Eat good, "fresh food, mostly plants and not too much" ( Michael Pollan) . Make sure that this food is high in antioxidants, omega3 and as fresh as you can get. If it is fresh it is more likely to contain the nutrients you need such as Magnesium that have a direct effect on your muscles, ligaments and bones.
  • Include good healthy fats every day, olive oil, avocadoes and nuts to name a few common ones.
  • Drink more water at least a litre every day.
  • Move your body and exercise every day. The old adage “use it or lose it” is actually true, particularly in relation to your muscles.
  • Make sure you warm up and cool down properly. It is in the cool down stretches that your post exercise muscle soreness can be alleviated.
  • Stretch, rock on a massage ball, and roll your body on a foam roller. Every day if possible or at the very least once a week. This is easy to do when you are watching television or listening to some audio.
  • Get enough sleep. When you sleep your body produces growth hormone to repair the damage you have done. The better your sleep the more chance you have of repairing yourself.

My Little Extra Tips, or Rather the ones I Know Work for Me!

  • Have a hot bath, or if you are lucky enough a spa. Hot water brings a rush of blood through your body, so your body can scavenge away the build-up of toxins and lactic acid you have sitting in there.
  • Don’t rest to relieve soreness. Move so your body is stimulated to move blood and oxygen, around and again remove toxins.
  • Have a swim, or walk in a pool or the ocean. the water acts as a gentle massage. thats why footballers do it!
  • Try some Magnesium spray on the affected area. Spray it on after you exercise and rub it in a little. Because it is absorbed on application the effects are greater at the point of contact.

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