6 Travelling Tips to Keep You Healthy & Active

Travelling is one of the big interrupters of healthy living. All that sitting on planes and buses makes you feel like a dumpling sometimes. Then there is the problem with the reduced clean air on a plane and the sitting in one spot in a car or bus. Thank goodness the destination is a good motivator or we probably wouldn’t do it.

Having travelled quite a lot in my life, and even more so currently, I thought I’d share some of the tips and tricks I use to try and keep healthy.

  1. Find Time and schedule it. Look at your week in advance and make a date with yourself for your activity. There seems to be a trigger in your brain that says if you’ve planned it then you better get out and do it.
  2.  Plan to do some longer workouts in the days before you go so you are already ahead. You could even get up early and do one on the day you are travelling, although I don’t really like working out at 4.30am I will get up at 5 if I am going a little later. It’s amazing how much better you feel if you have done this before hand.
  3.  If you only have small slices of time, then just do a couple of small workouts in a busy day. Just 10 minutes of squats, sit ups push ups and a plank or two just wakes up your muscles and burns up some calories.
  4. Moving is far more important than not moving. Just move any time any place. If you can’t move, then stand where you would normally sit. Stand whilst waiting for your flight or bus, better still go for a walk.
  5.  What about walking instead of using travellators at the airport and bus stations. Walking up and down stairs instead of escalators. Use the stairs to give your glutes a good workout. If you’re travelling in a car you should be stopping every two hours anyway so go for a quick walk at each stop and maybe add in a few squats.
  6.  If you are on a long haul trip make sure you get up every hour and walk up and down the corridors, and do some squats and stretches at the back of the plane or bus. Believe it or not you won’t be the first. Of course if you are on a train there’s no excuse for not walking about.
Travel tips for healthy active women over 50 from fit N fifty Plus Jennifer Gale


When you get where you are going if you can go for a walk then do it. I know it isn’t always possible especially if you are visiting relatives. Maybe take them with you after dinner or before breakfast. Not only will you benefit they will too.

Importantly if it all falls in a heap…. Take a breath, smile to yourself and admit you really are human and make another plan for as soon as you can. Life is a marathon not a sprint which I am sure you have realised by now.