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Being fit and Healthy is often a goal for our New Year and features heavily in many people’s resolutions. It is really easy to decide you want to be fit and healthy, after all who doesn’t. the sticker is always in the implementation.

With that in mind I thought I might share with you the things you need to know right now if you are going to get fit and healthy this year.

Firstly, the saying “If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got” was never as relevant when it comes to being healthy. Your life will change, your habits will change and you will change, and that is a very good thing. After all, how did you get to where you are now?

Secondly it is hard to change the habits, often of a lifetime. You really need to understand the benefits of your lifestyle change so they can keep you focussed. However, if you make those changes one step at a time you will definitely get there in the end. The end might be further away than you think but persistence pays off.

Talking about persistence, persistence pays off, it is what will get you to the finish line. You need to be persistent and consistent. You can’t be perfect all the time. There is no use in trying to have the perfect diet and exercise plan, but if you consistently eat healthy food and make healthy choices it will become easier and you will become healthier.

You need to change the environment around you to make it support you so you don’t have to rely on “willpower”, which I have found is never there when I need it most. The environment includes your fridge and pantry, your clothes and gear to exercise in and the people you surround yourself with. 

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Throw out all the junk food you have, anything processed, instant, full of preservatives and colouring or high in sugar and fat content. You know the things I mean. If they are around and you are tired you will eat them. If you really want them then make it difficult to get so by the time you have walked 2k to the shop to buy it you either really deserve, it or you have changed your mind.

In terms of the people around you start hanging out with fit and healthy people. Remember your mum saying you are the sum of the people you mix with when you brought home and undesirable boyfriend? Well she was right as usual. Research has proved that you eat less and more healthily if you are with other people who do the same. The same goes for activity if you are with active people you will be active too.

Your clothes and gear are also a big part of creating the new fit and healthy you. Having the right type and fit for the activity you are doing will make it more comfortable to do whatever it is. The other thing is that psychologically wearing the right gear helps you be that fit and healthy walker, runner, swimmer or whatever. It will make you feel part of the team so to speak. It also helps reinforce with your brain that when I put this on I am going to do that.

Lastly find some electronic device to monitor your progress, or in the very least to remind you to move. You are really after any kind movement and action over inaction and seeing if you can go further today than yesterday can be motivation in itself.

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